Our People

We are a service business and recognise that our people are key to our success. We are not just passionate about training people in how to help clients financially we are passionate about people development, both personally and professionally confident that great people makes the greatest professionals.

Unique Culture

Working at Kelly+Partners is energetic, sociable and rewarding. We reward hard work, providing the opportunity for talented and enthusiastic individuals to thrive in an incentive driven environment.

We offer incentives where outstanding work is recognised in both team and individual capacities encouraging development as a team member as well as personally. We also hold an annual Awards Dinner where the Golden Calculator Award recipient wins a week for two to Disneyland and training at the Disney Corporate Training Centre.


Much of the value we offer our clients is created through the specialist skills and deep knowledge of our people and therefore we are committed to ensuring our people receive the best training and career development opportunities with a view to building a long-term career. 

Our training strategy consists of formal and informal training, mentor programmes and networking events giving everyone the support and first-class resources they need to drive their own learning. We're strongly committed to the highest standard of business behaviour, compliance and ethics and this forms a major part of all our training.

Career Progression

We are a true meritocracy and everyone who demonstrates skill and hard work may aspire to reach the highest level and experience accelerated development. We attempt to only ever promote from within (specialist positions excepted) as we believe those trained by us are best suited to drive this company forward. 

Our commitment to opening new offices every year means that we offer fast track career opportunities for those with the ability and drive to succeed. Early responsibility and rapid promotion for high achievers is not unusual.


We are committed to equal opportunities and an entirely non-discriminatory working environment. Our diversity policy aims to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment because of gender, marital status, race, age, sexual preference, religion, belief or disability. All decisions are based on the merits of the individual concerned. 

The Group is dedicated to undertaking its business operations in a way which respects individual human rights, treats individuals with dignity and allows freedom of association. We value the contribution of each and every one of our employees and we have created an inspiring working environment where everyone is engaged and motivated and safe from discrimination so they can fulfil their own potential.

Our diversity is evident throughout the organisation where 49% (2013: 48%) of our total staff are female and 23% (2013: 25%) of our senior staff are female.