Kelly+Partners History

Kelly+Partners was founded in 2006 by Brett Kelly with his wife, Rebecca Kelly. 

The first Partners were Scott Elwin (Central Coast office), Craig Bullock and Ada Poon (North Sydney office) who met while working together. All four of them believed there was an opportunity to create a specialist accounting, taxation and audit firm focused on Private Businesses and their Owners in Sydney in the Style of a Swiss private bank, coordinated personal excellent discrete service.

Throughout our history, we have completed more than 21 growth transactions building Kelly+Partners to the formidable market position it enjoys today.Over the firm’s 11 year history, we have developed specialised industry knowledge and deep relationships.

Our investment philosophy and the accounting firms with which we partner are service-based businesses within which the most important assets are the intangibles: the right people, their business practices and intellectual capital, and their customer relationships. 

We have developed considerable experience addressing these complex issues and are the leading partner firm in the accounting industry. Along the way, we believe we have distinguished ourselves as a flexible partner who delivers on what we promise and a value-added partner with deep sector insight. 

We always take a controlling shareholding and have partnered using a variety of transaction and capital structures.  We take great pride in building long-term partnerships.

Many people have asked us how Kelly+Partners has been able to maintain its culture and results through the many fads and market cycles. Our answer has always been simple—that we have stayed focused on our values and the operating tenets we have developed.

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Brett Kelly: One of the good guys

Brett Kelly is a devoted family man, highly successful businessman, active philanthropist, lover of the arts, retired cricketer and all-around good guy. 

Born in Sydney in 1974, he grew up in the inner west of Sydney graduating from University of Technology, Sydney (B.Bus) and then from University of New South Wales (M.Tax) together with completing his studies to be admitted as a Chartered Accountant.

After commencing at Price Waterhouse as a undergraduate aged 18, and spending nearly 5 years with the firm, he spent time at Schroders in Corporate Finance, wrote four best selling books and was the youngest accredited professional speaker in Australia.

After working across chartered firms for 12 years, writing and speaking Brett founded Kelly+Partners, with his wife Rebecca.

He has built the business  into one of the industry’s leading firms.

Brett deeply believes in the power of people to accomplish incredible things and has always used his success to improve and enrich the lives of countless people. 

Within the community, Brett and his family are generous supporters of dozens of organisations and causes.

Brett has a genuine interest in art, politics and society and is an avid skier.

In short, Brett Kelly epitomises the ideal of living life to the fullest. 

He has an active mind and body, and a huge heart. We are lucky to call him our founder. 

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